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Post  bridgegirl99 on Sat 29 Nov 2014, 14:43

Really getting annoyed with my fish now!! Talk about crafty!!

I have a pair, that managed free swimmers once, then ate them, since then they've eaten them at wriggler stage, so I was getting frustrated with them, this time, I decided to try the metal cover for the cone, I'd never used it before, and assumed although it was a "discus" cone, it said Angels as well so would be fine.

After spawning and a decent wait I popped the guard on, Mum got a bit agitated, but then spotted the eggs, and carried on fanning, the following day, everything was still fine, so today I thought I was going to have to make a decision what to do next!!! Crafty fishes had other ideas, they had managed to eat all the good eggs, and left the odd bad ones!!! grrrrrrrrrr Twisted Evil

I'm not sure if they sucked them out, or managed to get their noses through the gap? I guess its back to the drawing board!!! I'm thinking lights on 24 hours next time see if that helps?

Its so frustrating having had pairs do everything for me, now I have two pairs that just like munching!!! Crying or Very sad


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