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Disaster has struck!!!

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Disaster has struck!!! Empty Disaster has struck!!!

Post  bridgegirl99 Wed 23 Aug 2017, 21:21

Busy day at work, I came home and had lunch, then made myself a cup of tea, and retreated to my front room/Fish room! lol.

I'd been in there all of 2 minutes when I heard running water, I thought to myself what tap had I left on....... went into the kitchen and I see a waterfall!!! I had a 3' Jewel tank on the side, the front of which had decided to come adrift!! What a Face What a Face What a Face

I managed to paddle in and push it back together, shouting at the same time for my husband who rushed to my help! Tank was emptied and fish moved to as it happened an empty tank! I say fish, but they're my pride and joy!! Some Paraibas I obtained from Rob last year, my beautiful Angels!!

How lucky was I that I was there....... that there were two of us in the house!!
It could have happened tonight when we were in bed and wouldn't have known, or when I was at work??
Or even in two weeks time when we're on holiday! What would the poor neighbours have done with a flooded kitchen and dead fish? Maybe blown fuses? I don't dare think!!

The kitchen cupboards needed a clean on a happy note, hopefully the floor will dry out without damage?

My beautiful Angels have settled in their new tank, and on the plus side I can see more of them!!!

People say its easy to repair tanks, but there's no bracing bars or supports so I think I'd be nervous, and I assume the whole tank would need sealing?


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Disaster has struck!!! Empty Re: Disaster has struck!!!

Post  Pterophyllum Thu 24 Aug 2017, 11:32

As you say, good news that you were there to rescue the fish and mop up afterwards.

In terms of repairing the tank, my understanding is that silicone rubber chemically bonds with the glass, but won't bond to old rubber, so at the very least you need to cut out the whole of the inner fillet of silicone, clean very thoroughly to get every last trace of algae, calcium build up, old silicone, etc. off, and then reseal with a silicone specifically intended for aquarium use. Bathroom sealants are cheaper, but contain fungicides and algicides which are toxic to fish.
Before you do all that, I'm surprised that you have a 3' Juwel that doesn't have a bracing bar, I'm on holiday at the moment, but from memory the Rio 180 (1m) and bowfront Vision 180 (3') both do. Juwel do supply replacement bracing bars, so now would be a good time to fit one if your tank needs one.

Since we're on the subject of near disasters, whilst I was on holiday last week I had a message from my Mum who'd popped in to put some flake round saying all the fish were fine, but that the light wasn't working on my 5'. Long story short, I realised this probably meant that the electrics in the room had tripped, so in addition to lighting they were lacking both heating and filtration. Fortunately we'd left a key with a neighbour who was able to sort it out the next day, none the less the tank went at least 24 hours without power. The good news is that I didn't lose a single fish!

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