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Post  TONY,S ANGELS Sun 26 Aug 2012, 15:50

This is one pair of the four identical pairs that i have set aside to see if i can breed the Albino red eye into
My veil tailed blue / black marbles.
Breeding program Pics P1060212
Breeding program Pics P1060214
Are any Breeders trying the same type / Strain of Angels so we could compair results, I think Jimmy ( jimmyjahooha )
said he was breeding Albinos but i dont know what he is crossing them with.
Cheers Tony

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Breeding program Pics Empty Re: Breeding program Pics

Post  Pterophyllum Sun 26 Aug 2012, 21:12

Hey Tony,
Gled to see you got the hang of posting pics!
That's a good sturdy albino, a great point to start on an albino project. I'm presuming that the fish in the bottom photo isn't the same fish as the marble in the top photo, as the pattern of black marks in the fins is subtly different and the top one doesn't appear to be pearlscale. But they're both nice fish, the body shape of the bottom fish is especially nice, as in my experience pearlscales are often prone to poor body proportions.

Blessed are the cheesemakers!

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Breeding program Pics Empty Breeders

Post  TONY,S ANGELS Mon 27 Aug 2012, 08:49

Hi Pterophyllum
Yes had some time of work with bankholliday to try and work it out Very Happy
I can not take the credit for the albino,s a mate bred them i just picked some out of the brood as a thankyou
for selling them for him, he is very good with the albino breeding the last brood was just under the 800 mark.
You are right they are different black marble fish but they are brothers two of the four brothers have the pearlscaleing
the other two are normal but they are all viel finnage and carry the red gene, I am still getting used to this camera but i was trying to show how much Blue / green they have in them, thankyou for your comments on the body shape i am shore they are so big and strong in the body with the wild cross in there back ground. will show pics of the young if they stop eating them.
The Albinos are very agressive to there young, I my take the albinos out next time,But they are all young fish so they will get it right sooner or later. But I,ve Got all the other 16 pairs of Angels and 3 pairs of Discus and electric Blue Rams to keep me busy. As you and all the other breeders on here know looking after your stock takes a lot of time and hard work, But if you put the time in the fish will reward you with lots of little babys.
Cheers Tony

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Breeding program Pics Empty Re: Breeding program Pics

Post  jimmyjahooha Tue 28 Aug 2012, 10:26

Hi Tony,

cracking pair you have there, love pearls and pic two has some nice colouration to the brow. For now I am sticking to line breeding of the albinos I have successfully produced from my post. I hope to produce 2 lines, the first blue and the second platinum.

I will post some pics of my fish this week.

Cheers, Jimmy.

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Breeding program Pics Empty line Breeding

Post  TONY,S ANGELS Tue 28 Aug 2012, 12:05

Hi Jimmy
I have just looked back and seen your young fish they are showing great potential, and i am wanting to see what they
will look like when fully grown.
And like your self if all Angels were pearlscale i would be a happy man the lighting just shines of them, I am getting
my blue platinums going again, but i have only just got the first brood from them.
like you said befor the blue / green tends to go more on the green side when crossing john whormby,s titainium blues
into any other strains but i like this colour in my fish. All the best with your lines and lets hope one of us gets something new and differrent.
Cheers Tony

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Breeding program Pics Empty Re: Breeding program Pics

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