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Post  baldyman Sun 27 Nov 2016, 19:59

I am a little confused. I understood Dantum angels to be Albino (some vague cross with Altums which i dont belive) . But i recently saw some silver angels advertised as Silver Dantums. Is there really some strain/Catch Location for these silvers , or is it someone just making it all up???

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Post  Pterophyllum Mon 28 Nov 2016, 00:44

"Dantums" are allegedly derived from a cross between altum and scalare. Personally I don't believe this, but think they're derived from Peruvian, Rio Nanay stock, which, misleadingly, are sometimes called "Peru altums".
What is known for sure is they were developed and marketed by an Israeli breeder/fish farm called Danziger, the name "Dantum" which is a contraction of Danziger & altum, seems to have been applied by an American importer/distributor.

From the start they've been available in albino and silver forms, and this very fact made me suspicious that they weren't what was claimed. Firstly altums are hard to breed with each other, let alone cross to a scalare, and if I was going to try and cross breed an altum to a domestic scalare colour variety, I wouldn't choose an albino, which are inherently difficult to raise, and not as popular as many other varieties such as black, koi, etc. For that reason I suspected that it was possible that the albino gene they carry was the result of a new mutation occurring in the wild stock from which these fish were derived rather than having been introduced from domestic stock. There is now increasing evidence that this is, indeed, the case

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