My new angelfish

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My new angelfish  Empty My new angelfish

Post  JordansAngels92 on Wed 23 Mar 2016, 22:21

Hello, I'm really new to this at the moment he/she is only small and currently have iit set up in a 60l tank! Nitrate/nitrite ammonia everything is at 0.. And my ph is between 6 and 7! I will be investing in a bigger tank as I go along. I was just wondering if anyone could help me with what sex he/she is and what colour please?


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My new angelfish  Empty Re: My new angelfish

Post  wildreddeer on Tue 05 Apr 2016, 15:31

Welcome to the forum.
I'm up in the highlands for the next six months and my connection is not really good hear on my laptop. I have to rely on hotspots when they are available. Anyway back to your topic. I will be able to sex your angel if you can post a picture as large as possible without cropping. It must be side on so I can see from it's nose to it's tail. And of course in focus.
If you can post the picture I will get back to you as and when.

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