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Post  gibbo156 Mon 16 Jul 2012, 20:01

I bought four juveniles from Lisa in May.

All are very healthy and look prettier every day.

Three of them are now better described as sub-adults, one of them is even displaying and canoodling with a blue female but eventually lost out to a much bigger male.

But one of the four has never grown much at all it is hardly any bigger than when it first arrived.

I am even considering putting it in a small display tank, if it isn't going to grow any more then it would be exactly the right scale.

I am not at all sure how large an adult angel is. I though i had several adult fish and they are spawning and doing all the adult stuff but they are small compared to some of the fish i saw at Pterophylum's shop.


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Post  Pterophyllum Mon 16 Jul 2012, 22:55

Hi Gibbo,
With any group of angels there is usually one at the bottom of the pecking order that grows more slowly than the rest. Some varieties also seem to be slower growing, pearlscales for example. If you have the option of isolating the smallest for a while, you may be able to feed it up and get it growing more rapidly. It might also be worth considering a worming treatment, as slow growth can be a sign of a heavy infestation, particularily if the fish appears to be feeding well.

As to maximum size, the largest fish in the display tank at the shop is a good size, but I've seen angels that are significantly larger!

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