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Advice on mixing angelfish with neon tetras

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Advice on mixing angelfish with neon tetras

Post  1968 on Fri 23 Nov 2012, 21:34

Hi All,looking for some advice,i have a 150 litre tropical tank which has been running for approx 1 year,i have 14 neon tetras in the tank and the tank is well planted,i have been advised by the lfs that because i put my neons in first that i could add angel fish later and not have any problems,could anyone please advise if this is true and if so how many small angels could i add,thanks in advance.David.


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Re: Advice on mixing angelfish with neon tetras

Post  Ghipsi on Fri 23 Nov 2012, 22:02

I have never had a problem with Angels that have been brought up with Neons, as long as the neons are there first are are too big to swallow.



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Re: Advice on mixing angelfish with neon tetras

Post  jay111 on Mon 23 Sep 2013, 12:20

I put my Angel in with neons and he was chasing them , trying to catch them. so i moved the neons out. i do have danios in there but they are two big for him to eat


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Re: Advice on mixing angelfish with neon tetras

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