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Shui - Male or Female

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Shui - Male or Female Empty Shui - Male or Female

Post  petes80 Fri 14 Oct 2016, 17:36

Some of you may have seen my one remaining Angel, Shui, in my thread in the health section (as her companion Feng sadly died). In that thread I asked if anyone could tell if Shui was male or female. Everyone seems to think it's a female and are probably right, however on reading Phil's guide, I reckon Shui could be a he! Here's my workings based on his method:

Original photo:

Shui - Male or Female Shui

My workings:

Shui - Male or Female Shui_male_female

As you can see from my workings, I have concluded that there isn't one continuous line from just behind the nose to the fins. Therefore a male. However this is my very first attempt at using this method (well any method for that matter!) so I'm only 50% confident I am right Very Happy

I'd be interested in your thought on my workings, especially the thoughts of the master himself, Phil.

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Shui - Male or Female Empty Re: Shui - Male or Female

Post  wildreddeer Fri 02 Dec 2016, 15:01

Sorry folks for the late reply on this subject. It it's not the dammed internet connection up hear in the highlands its the itself. I'm nearly pulling my hair out with it.

It's nice to see my drawings were not in fane. You are spot on petes80 it is a mail. This is typical of one of the angels I was trying to tell people about where it is almost impossible to tell female from male. But with a gifted eye and a good enlargement you can normally work them out. I congratulate you petes80.


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