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Post  MerseyAltum Sun 31 Jul 2016, 22:05

I have been reading some conflicting opinions o grow out tanks.

I have a 125 Liter for the first stage of grow out out.

I read that Angels just under 2 inches are ok with 1 gallon of water per Angel. I intend using Blackwater tanks for all my Angels when adult and have set my grow out tank accordingly.

I would like around 12 young temporary housed in a 30 Gallon. At what size should I be thinking of moving them into their final tank ?

Daily water chanfes won't be a headache with this size of tank either.

I have a good deal with my LFS to re-home any extra adults too/

I will try 5 Marble and 5 Blue Pinoy.

I have the Black Marble in the 125L 5 of them, with 6 Cory Cats for tidying up the low end.


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Grow out tanks Empty Re: Grow out tanks

Post  Pterophyllum Wed 03 Aug 2016, 09:51

First off, bear in mind that when people say 1 angel per so many gallons, they're usually Americans talking about American gallons (1 US gallon = 0.83 imperial gallons)
Secondly if they're not Americans, they're probably quoting Americans without realising it.
Thirdly, if you ask them for the scientific evidence on which their claim is based, they won't be able to tell you, at best they'll point you to someone else making the same, unsubstantiated claim.

It's certainly true that the more space you give the fish, the more water changes you give them, and the heavier (within reason) you feed them, the faster they will grow.
Personally I'd happily put 30-40 babies in a 125 litre until they were about 3-4 months old with a body size of about that of a 50p piece. At that stage I'd remove about 1/2 of them and let them grow on for another 3 or so months. Once they started to spar, then I'd thin numbers or move them to a bigger tank.

All that said, once they're a few months old, and eating flake happily, if I had a nice big empty tank, I'd move them into it! But be wary of putting them with larger fish which might intimidate them off the food.

Blessed are the cheesemakers!

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Grow out tanks Empty Re: Grow out tanks

Post  MerseyAltum Wed 03 Aug 2016, 12:26

Great reply again.

I always rember my Mothers tank as a child, 3 foot tank in the 1980's was quite a large tank, she had 9 Angels adult in th their and was religious about water changes, Never more than 2 days went buy without achange,

I totally agree with your comments, I have NEVER once see somebody say why,just re-quote of some almost Nostradamus kind of quote and we must remember that people can be a theoretical expert on any topic on tis here internut.

I will have a 260 Liter ready when they are big enough and not just eating flake food but eating it on a stable basis. I am grinding it up tiny right now.

i have 11 and measured them all not one is over 1.9 inchs.

I think the Blackwater is helping their health too,

I have seen a marked improvement in activity two days into the larger 125 Liter tank.

I have a 260 Liter and a 330 Liter avialable.

On he 125 I have gone a bit over the top with filtration, I have two capable of a 125 Liter. I have a;ways found better to be over filtered than under.

The outshot so far is that I have 11 very happy Angels. Once changed to the 260L. I will keep the 125L free for breeding pairs or any problem Angels as a time out tank has helped me with other fish before.


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Grow out tanks Empty Re: Grow out tanks

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