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Post  javen Thu 03 Dec 2015, 21:50

what are the chances of unlocking new locus or like on the dark locus there are several phenotypes ,could the philippine blue locus
and other locus be increased. i understand time machine not available for exact answer Very Happy


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Post  Pterophyllum Thu 03 Dec 2015, 23:26

You can almost guarantee that new mutations will occur.
Pb probably first appeared in the 1990's, since then Raiko Slavkov has identified the Bulgarian Green mutation, which I'm confident is a valid mutation although is not yet universally accepted.
More recently Danziger in Israel has been selling a line of angels he calls "Dantums", these are often claimed to be an Altum cross, but most people believe it's derived from Rio Nanay scalare. There is some very tentative evidence that the albino dantums have a different albino mutation from that commonly seen in "normal" albino angels.

The exact nature of the different mutations at the Dark locus is not understood. Although there are four recognised mutations, Dark, Gold, Marble & Gold Marble, plus the wild type version of the gene, I suspect the situation is far more complicated. Certainly cases of gold marble parents producing offspring with a dark gene have been documented on numerous occasions, and I've seen a similar thing with marble parents who were both (M/g) producing a D/M offspring.

On the other hand, there are two recessive mutations Naja gold & Hong Kong gold which seem to have been lost to the hobby with the advent of the "superior" "New gold" now generally referred to as gold. It would be great to find a new mutation, but personally I'd be delighted to come across one of the old ones!

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