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Post  javen Mon 30 Nov 2015, 19:51

Are there different types of colours that cannot go together for genetic reasons, example the different blacks types . or is there alleles that do not mix well.


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Post  Pterophyllum Mon 30 Nov 2015, 21:37

and a very good one too...

There are no gene combinations that are inherently fatal, but there are a number that have known issues, so combining multiple different genes with issues can be problematic.

Black is down to a gene mutation called "Dark", Dark combined with it's wild type allele produces a fish called "black lace", or sometimes just "lace". Homozygous dark, often referred to as "double dark" or "DD" are jet black fish, but they have a reputation for being weaker and slower growing than their heterozygous siblings. In my experience Black angels can often be more aggressive and less prone to backing down in a fight, which is perhaps why they also seem more prone to getting badly beaten up.
It's often suggested that blacks should receive a higher protein diet as they use more protein in producing all the melanin that makes them black.

There are 3 other known alleles of Dark, these are gold, Marble & Gold Marble. Homozygous Marbles are very dark and much the same can be said for them as for blacks, but not to quite the same extent.

Dark combined with gold (D/g) produces a fish that looks almost as black as a D/D fish, but they tend to be tougher and not as slow growing.

Zebra is a dominant gene, homozygous fish have a reputation for being slower growing.

Veiltail is an incomplete dominant, homozygous fish are called "Super veils". Superveils have extremely long fins which make them vulnerable to attack & damage, they also tend to be slower growing. I started off thinking I wouldn't breed veils, but the only marbles I had available were both veiltails. I intended to breed the veil out, but instead discovered that I really like them, just not superveils, so these days I only breed veil to standard fin.

Pearlscale (a recessive gene) tend to be slower growing and prone to fin deformities, in particular, missing ventral fins.

Albino - These have poor sight which means that they're often poor at parent raising, but can succeed in lower light levels where there's strong contrast between the substrate and the fry.
The fry have far worse sight due to their small size, and it has been suggested that exposure to bright light at wriggler stage, or possibly even as eggs, can render them effectively blind.

Philippine Blue - in my experience blues tend to be slower growing compared with normal angels. They're also, often but not always, smaller as adults.
Some varieties are slower than others :-
Pinoy any blue with at least one dark gene.
Paraiba - these are blushing blues. Blushing is the homozygous form of stripeless, an allele of zebra. Whilst non blue blushing are generally very similar to non blushing fish in their growth rates, paraibas are distinctly slower in my experience.
As you can imagine pinoy paraiba are slower still!

I've yet to see a pearlscale albino pinoy paraiba superveil and to be honest, I'm not sure I'd want to, but I'm not expecting to encounter one soon.

Blessed are the cheesemakers!

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Post  javen Mon 30 Nov 2015, 23:27

This information in one word " wow" or " amazing" could search net or youtube for very long time and not find this quality info.


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