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Post  Fishman88 Sat 17 Aug 2013, 22:45


Will they ever stop doing this? Is this just to establish dominance?


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Angel fish fighting Empty Re: Angel fish fighting

Post  TrevorGreenfield Mon 26 Aug 2013, 10:53

This can be to establish dominance or it can be pair bonding. Angels, like all Cichlids, do engage in this lip locking routine from time to time.

Usually as soon as they decide who is boss, or decide they are a good pair, it will stop. This can happen with male to male or male and female and I guess female to female as well although I can't recollect registering two females doing it in my 40+ years of angel keeping. From the youtube video I can't see any breeding tubes down so these may be two males establishing who's boss.

The two, what look like platinums, aren't showing any breeding tubes either as far as I can see so it dosn't look like the males are fighting for control of one of them so everything points to two young males who have reached maturity and like human males when they reach maturity, feel it's time to throw their weight about.

If it does go on to the point where one of them becomes submissive and the dominant one continues to batter it then you will have to remove one of them, I suggest the weaker one, to another tank.

Hope this puts your mind at rest a bit.


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