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Algae eating Empty Algae eating

Post  french47 Sat 27 Apr 2013, 09:56

I have just noticed that my Angels have started to eat vast quantity's of algae.
The algae is a golden colour very soft and wavy, they are not hungry they get black mosquito lava, brine shrimp and blood worms and a pinch of tetra flake.
They are not pecking at missed food they are tearing great lumps off and eating it.
Are they trying to tell me something or has anyone else experienced this eating habit?

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Algae eating Empty Re: Algae eating

Post  Pterophyllum Sat 27 Apr 2013, 20:23

Algae is a natural part of their diet and good for bring out gold/orange/red colouration.
I keep bristlenoses in with mine and feed them algae wafers, the angels love them too!

Blessed are the cheesemakers!

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Algae eating Empty Re: Algae eating

Post  Akasha Fri 01 Aug 2014, 18:28

I have a problem with black beard algae in my tank and I've seen one of my angels pecking at it a bit. I've also seen it trying to get a nibble at the plec's algae pellets too so it's good to know that it's normal behaviour Smile

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Algae eating Empty Re: Algae eating

Post  peachy Sun 15 Mar 2015, 20:45

My two small koi's and red devil can't stop pecking away at the algae in my tank.
The three big ones are not remotely intrested in it though.


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Algae eating Empty Re: Algae eating

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