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Eggs eaten Empty Eggs eaten

Post  Darvas Sat 13 Apr 2013, 17:46

Hi guys,

I have a problem with a pair of marble angle fish. Yesterday, they have spawned for the third time and for the third time they have eaten all of the eggs. I know that this does occur in the first few spawns but it is starting to become annoying. I am really tempted to raise the eggs artificially. Should I give them more time or should I raise the eggs artificially? If I should give them more time, for how long should they keep doing this?

Cheers Smile


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Post  TONY,S ANGELS Sat 13 Apr 2013, 19:37

Hi Darvas
Welcome to the forum, If you want the fish to rear the eggs / fry feed is a big thing in
stoping them from eating try and get some white worm cultures going it is on my opinion
the best food to stop fish from eating eggs or fry as it is full of protine this is the main
reason fish eat is to replace protine lost in breeding.
Or try to put wire mesh over the eggs some times works.
Cheers Tony

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Eggs eaten Empty Re: Eggs eaten

Post  gibbo156 Sat 13 Apr 2013, 22:56

I got round this problem by leaving a light on all of the time. In my case the eggs, and later the fry, were only being eaten in the dark. I left a nightlight on for them and it stopped happenning.
There are differring opinions on this solution, i only say that it worked for me.


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Eggs eaten Empty Re: Eggs eaten

Post  Pterophyllum Sat 13 Apr 2013, 23:13

Making sure that the fish feel secure in their tank is important too. In my experience a tank that is high up, rather than low down, and provides the parents with plenty of cover is a big part of getting them to parent raise.

Blessed are the cheesemakers!

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Eggs eaten Empty Re: Eggs eaten

Post  Darvas Sun 14 Apr 2013, 00:22

Cheers for your replies! I have tried leaving the lights on but the eggs are eaten during the day. Next time they will spawn I will feed them some white worms Smile


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Eggs eaten Empty Re: Eggs eaten

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