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Post  gibbo156 Sat 01 Sep 2012, 20:36

On Monday a batch of Angel fry became free swimming.

Not a big batch of fry 20 or so only.

Today i can only find about 5 or 10 fry and the parents have spawned again.

Is it usual for Angels to spawn when they are still caring for fry ?

They are not paying the original fry a lot of attention but the few that remain seem to be allowed quite close to the new eggs.

I have been very careful not to overfeed the fry but i do not have a great deal of experience so it is possible.

Any comments ? Advice ? anything really

thanks for your help



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Post  Pterophyllum Sat 01 Sep 2012, 22:03

IMO, the number of fry influences the degree to which the parents are protective. In the wild, risking getting eaten to see off a predator in defence of half a dozen young, probably isn't a good idea, but if you're defending 200, it makes more sense.
With very small batches it's quite common for the parents to spawn again and ignore the earlier brood. The problem is that the earlier brood are likely to try to eat the eggs, or their younger siblings when they hatch. At that point the parents can often turn on them, so I'd suggest removing the existing fry to a seperate tank.

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Post  gibbo156 Sat 01 Sep 2012, 22:13

Thanks for your advice

Hopefully i am going to get the hang of this soon.


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