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urgent: camellanus worms

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urgent: camellanus worms Empty urgent: camellanus worms

Post  badger162 Mon 27 Aug 2012, 19:46

So i have a new angelfish and he has small red worm-like things which i assume are camellanus worms?
there's about 3 of them hanging down.
the fish is eating normally and doesn't look thin or unwell but he's in with 4 unaffected angels, how long would it take for them to become affected? they're all young fish none are over a year old and all are between 2-5 inches in bodysize, the affected fish being the biggest.

My question is what treatment should i buy? Kusuri wormer plus has been recommended to me but I only saw the worms today so haven't bought any yet, are there any others that i could try if kusuri doesn't work or any others that you'd try before kusuri?

I've heard these are particularly tricky to get rid of so should i use a stronger dose of wormer?

also i have an L239 pleco, how will the treatment affect her, my baby apple snails and my baby discus?

Thanks in advance (:


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urgent: camellanus worms Empty Sera Tremazol

Post  TONY,S ANGELS Tue 28 Aug 2012, 07:36

Hi badger162
I have used kusuri in the past to get tape worm out of my discus but did not work,
camellanus worms as you say are hard to kill, about ten mounths ago i had two Angels with it and i
used a two pronged attack putting Fluke solve in the tank and give them a six hour bath
in Sera Tremazol that way you are going at them two ways, trying to kill the addults and any young in the tank.
plus the ones you can see in your fish.
Chris Ingham owner of plymouth Discus has the fluke solve and will post it to you very fast. All i can say
is that worked for me, hope this helps you Tony of ( Tony,s Angels )


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