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Light orange eyes, wonder what this could be?

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Light orange eyes, wonder what this could be?

Post  Deans_Angels on Fri 26 Jun 2015, 16:36

Just posting this... I wanted it in the gallery, but it wouldn't upload!

Bulgarian Green Angelfish: D/+ - bg/bg might be D/D

Nice light orange eyes


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Re: Light orange eyes, wonder what this could be?

Post  Pterophyllum on Sat 27 Jun 2015, 12:36

Red/yellow/orange colouration in angelfish is due to carotinoids.
Angels don't manufacture carotinoids, but get them from their diet, there seems to be a link between caratinoid levels, and testosterone levels. There's also a link between testosterone levels, and melanin (the pigment which makes black fish black) and the enzymes necessary for making melanin. This means that black fish often have red eyes, whilst varieties like gold, which produce very limited amounts of melanin, tend to have silver eyes. (Although albinos have red eyes, the colour is due to a lack of melanin allowing the red of the blood to show through).

As you know, Bulgarian seal points are black angels where the colour is lost from the body, but in your fish you can see both the dusky outline of it's stripes and a sooty brown colouration to the body (this may indicate that it's D/D rather than D/+), the colour of the eye probably reflects a corresponding reduction, but not total loss of carotinoids from what would be a red eye, were the fish not bg/bg.

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