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What is best way to start them off breeding again?

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What is best way to start them off breeding again?

Post  peaches on Sun 24 Aug 2014, 13:40

I have been away for 15 days and I want to start up some breeding again.  What is your top tip to get them back into breeding condition?  I am doing water changes today and go will be going round with frozen bloodworms regularly.

Just editing this to say I must have done the right thing. 3 lots of eggs this week. One I pulled as I wanted some to raise, the second lot ate their eggs before the day was up, I was leaving them hoping they would start to parent raise. Both the first two are young parents. The third lot of eggs surprised me today. There is a thin line of eggs going down the slate, but a load of them are on the floor. I know wrigglers drop off, but these arent at that stage, theyve only been laid today. Anyhow, I am leaving them. At some point I would like some of my pairs to raise their own. The last pair are the ones I have had the problems with camallanus with, which may have impacted upon their ability to spawn I suppose. The camallanus has cleared though now.

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