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Free swimmers discovered in display tank

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Free swimmers discovered in display tank

Post  Redrob666 on Wed 22 May 2013, 06:27

Hi, I just need a little advice.
I work away from home where I have a 250l tank set up to display Angels. The usual bogwood, amazon swords etc.
Anyway last night I had a message from my daughter showing a phone picture of my biggest angels surrounded by free swimmer fry.
This was not expected in here. All the other fish are driven into about one third of the tank space.
As I am not there till the weekend I have a few questions now.
What chance is there for any of these fry to survive?
If they are still around at the weekend are hey able to be moved to a seperately tank? Because of the planting etc it will be difficult to remove all thevadultbfish even if I had a suitable spare tank.
If they survive till the weekend what should I feed the fry with? I have read they need newly hatched brine shrimp but again I was not expecting this so have nothing set up.

I hope someone can give me some advice. The only other thing is that I don't have time or facilities to devote to breeding. Should I split this pair up, move the pair on or getbridvof all the other fish to give these a chance to breed successfully.

Loadscofvquestions, sorry. And I need answers as soon as possible.thamks, Bob.


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Re: Free swimmers discovered in display tank

Post  uk bulldog on Wed 22 May 2013, 08:07

Hi Redrob & welcome,
You can remove the fry to another tank or if poss divide the tank they are in but looking at the size i can see you may have problems with that.
If you put them in another tank you will need a seeded sponge filter so as to keep the bio load going or remove some of the gravel from the tank they are in to help get a sponge going.
As far as feeding them goes i use Ocean Nutrition Instant Baby Brine shrimp that you can buy in a small jar if i dont have any brineshrimp hatching for any given reason.
Here is a link as to what im on about.
You may be able to find a shop near you that sells them.If not the the delivery time is pretty quick.
Good luck with your fry but to be honest i wouldnt hold out much hope for them in a community tank but who knows you may be lucky.

uk bulldog

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Re: Free swimmers discovered in display tank

Post  Pterophyllum on Wed 22 May 2013, 12:35

Unless you're there, and able to devote regular, daily attention to them, you're unlikely to manage to raise the young successfully. Since you're not, I'd be inclined to just let nature take it's course.
It's great that the parents are sufficiently good that they've managed to raise them to free swimming in a community tank. I wouldn't be inclined to get rid of them, should your circumstances change and you find yourself wanting to breed them. In the mean time, to reduce conflict in the tank, keep an eye out for eggs, and remove as soon as they've laid.

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Re: Free swimmers discovered in display tank

Post  Redrob666 on Wed 22 May 2013, 19:01

Thanks for the advice the guys. I am back home on Friday night.i am thinking of trying to remove any young which are still surviving, if any, to a small plastic tank with water from the main tank and filter media from my main filter. I am hoping that this will at least mean no water change for the young fish. I will try to get some of the brine shrimp stuff recommended as well as starting to hatch my own. I am kind of hoping to persuade my daughter that as well as looking after the main tank it would not be much more effort to look after these fry too :-)
For the future I guess I may want to try breeding on a more regulated system so disposing of the pair is probably a bad idea. I was simply concerned about the health of the pair continually laying but never rearing young, and for the health of he other fish in the tank who are being subjected to a reign of terror right now and are living in the furthest corner of my tank. There are actually 9 mature angels plus a few Platys and Corey's around in there but I guess it's just the free swimming space that is being affected.
Any more advice would also be appreciated, Bob.


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Re: Free swimmers discovered in display tank

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