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Post  vilielis on Fri 23 Dec 2016, 22:16

Hey good lookin bunch. My name is Will ( well thats English name, actual name is Vilius, but no one can pronounce it proper, as I cant spell English, so I call me self Will which is same name really) ok I got 8 angels swimming in my tank. 1 of them is in the middle by the size, but oldest in a fish tank. 2 others is bought as breeding couple from pets at home and did laid some eggs (probably my bad as all of them went white and.... ok back to introduction as its not that sad, as I got 2 overexited boys still waiting for babies to come out Sad : )
other 5 is brand new in the tank. they are 5 month old, same breed fellas that I got of the lad who made about (i dont lie) 300+ out of one breed.

So there is my tank. will go over topics as i got issues with Gh and Kh and tired all whats online but have no luck.

anyway Hi all


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Post  bridgegirl99 on Sun 25 Dec 2016, 06:45

Welcome to the group, you'll find plenty of answers and get plenty of help if you just ask. It can be a bit quiet on here but the experts drop by regularly with their vast knowledge.


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