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Do fish have feelings???

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Do fish have feelings??? Empty Do fish have feelings???

Post  bridgegirl99 Mon 17 Oct 2016, 17:37

I have a lovely male that has been guarding eggs and now wrigglers, they only had a few as it was their first attempt, the female has been banished behind the flower pot, she seems quite happy there, comes out for food and then goes back to looking at the wall.

The wrigglers look about to lift off, I'm desperate to pinch them lol, but I'm hoping he'll be fine with them, I've had so many pairs this year get to this stage, then panic as soon as they lift off and gobble them up! I'm also thinking she might do something when he's not looking.

I will probably leave them this time to see what happens, but if I did pinch a couple do you think he gets upset or is that just an emotion humans have?? Surprised


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Do fish have feelings??? Empty Re: Do fish have feelings???

Post  Pterophyllum Mon 17 Oct 2016, 20:34

I think most scientists would tell you that they have instincts rather than feelings. I'm not so convinced, especially when it comes to cichlids like angelfish, which seem to be pretty intelligent.
I had a pair of angels which I separated because I wanted to pair them with other partners, however neither would accept any new partner I put with them. A few months later I moved the male into the community tank where the female was, and as soon as I floated the bag she rushed over, seemingly to greet him, and danced around the bag seemingly in great excitement at having him back. Feelings, or anthropomorphising I don't know, but she certainly appeared very pleased to see him.

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Do fish have feelings??? Empty Re: Do fish have feelings???

Post  Akasha Mon 17 Oct 2016, 21:31

I too have seen with my own eyes that they do have feelings. As already mentioned this evening I had a breeding pair of curviceps cichlids but the female jumped out out the tank when I wasn't around and I found her on the floor hours later dead and dried up. The poor male spent the rest of his life looking daily for his lady and when he couldn't find her he'd go into the plants and just sit there looking depressed.
I also had a breeding pair of bolivian rams that succumed to hexamita the first time I had it in my tank The male died first and the female refused to leave his side. She even fought the net when I tried to net his body. She then developed pop eye a day or so later and died soon after.

I now watching a female angel apparently pining for her mate that died yesterday.

When it comes to cichlids I do believe they are intelligent fish and I do believe they have feelings

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Do fish have feelings??? Empty Re: Do fish have feelings???

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