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Post  Akasha Sun 28 Dec 2014, 16:49

managed to bag myself 3 of these today - it was all the shop had left. Normally I'd buy a minimum of 4-5 cories of one species but I was forced to only buy 3. It's a shame but maybe in the new year the store will get some more and I can add to the numbers.
I just wanted to share them as I'm rather excited to find something unusual in my area. They actually came from the same store as my smokey blushing angels and so I'm going to be going there more often when looking for something unusual. Here's a picture of one of the little guys - they're very young and I'm just praying the angels leave them be!

Corydoras Melini 002_zpse7007aa3

I've never seen this type of cory before and at first glance I thought they were panda cories (which I already have) but then I saw the black line down their back and knew they were a bit more special.

I'm hoping I've got a mix of male and female and they might breed - it'll save me looking for more if they did lol

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Corydoras Melini Empty Re: Corydoras Melini

Post  Deans_Angels Sun 11 Jan 2015, 22:00

It's a Bandit Cory, they're cool and I'm sure they'll be fine.


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Corydoras Melini Empty Re: Corydoras Melini

Post  Akasha Mon 12 Jan 2015, 17:00

Hi, I contacted Planet Catfish about them and they tell me they are also known as a 'false bandit' but Melini is their proper title. They can also interbreed with my panda's and so I'm going to have to watch them as they mature as I could end up with hybrids. My panda's are supplying me with a new addition about once a month now - I've had two just turn up - one about 2 and a half months ago and another last week. The new panda is smaller than the new melini's and so how it's managed to survive a community tank is beyond me lol.
I'm hoping that the panda's continue to breed and produce the odd baby here and there but I just hope that they keep that to their own species and not try to breed with the melini's!

Posts : 492
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Corydoras Melini Empty Re: Corydoras Melini

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