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Yet another dilemma!!

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Yet another dilemma!! Empty Yet another dilemma!!

Post  bridgegirl99 Sun 13 Jul 2014, 20:11

I had a pair spawn for the third time, the female was getting very angry and started to beat the male up, so I removed him.

She had spawned on the filter which wasn't very clever, all across the intakes, so I wasn't hopeful, but when they started to wriggle, she moved some to a plant, from what I could see there weren't many, so I thought I'd let her get on with it and see what happened. Well the wrigglers disappeared, but I saw her last night looking at the glass bowl that the plant was in and wondered what she was doing....... she has some free swimmers inside the bowl!! (They could swim out if the chose the right route!!)

So my question is will she recognise these as hers once they find their way out, or is she likely to eat them?? My blues spawn are just about to lift off, so an option might be to remove the plant and bowl and sneak the fry in with the blues, or will they notice they're not theirs???

I seem to be the only one round here who has problems lol .................. or likes to admit to it!!  Embarassed 


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Yet another dilemma!! Empty Re: Yet another dilemma!!

Post  Pterophyllum Sun 13 Jul 2014, 22:28

If the parenting instinct is strong they will parent anything that wriggles. I can't remember where I saw it, but I've seen a photo of a pair of discus happily allowing 3 or 4 week old angelfish to feed off the mucus on their flanks.
Personally I once had a pair of golds & a pair of marbles together in a 4' tank. Their youngsters went free swimming on the same day, and being gold or black were easy to tell apart, but over a few days the gold parents shoal gradually dwindled, whilst the marbles shoal increased, despite the fact that the gold fry were distinctly different from their own.
On another occasion a good parent raiser kept eating her eggs because she was so focused on trying to care for the unrelated youngsters in the adjacent tank.

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