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Post  bridgegirl99 Sun 25 May 2014, 11:50

I have left 16 Blue fry from Mrs Grumpy that I pulled because they kept getting eaten, after a couple had to be culled.

Mrs Grumpy is a blue pearlscale smokey and Dad is a blue Marble, I've been playing with the genetics calculator to see what's hidden, but I'm not getting anywhere, the reason I say this is I seem to have 7 Smokies, 5 Marbles and 4 silvers.

Using the calculator they should be either Smokey or Marble, I've tried adding things to either and as yet I can't see who gave me some silvers? Can you throw some light on this?

I do have one with only one ventral fin (yes I know it should be culled) from what I have read, it might be because its a pearlscale, so that would mean Dad is het for ps, I'm trying hard to get my head round all this lol, the basics are getting there, but it is all a bit confusing! I'd like a calculator that you put in what you'd like and it would show you the parents lol


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Trying to understand Empty Re: Trying to understand

Post  Grummie2 Sun 25 May 2014, 19:25

The female should be :- Sm/+ - pb/pb
The male should be :- M/+ - pb/pb (could be Gm gene instead of M)

ignoring the pearlscale gene, the offspring should be
M/+ - pb/pb 25% blue marbles
Sm/+ - pb/pb 25% blue smokeys
Sm/+ - Gm/+ - pb/pb 25% blue smokey marbles
+/+ - pb/pb 25% blue silvers

the smokey blue marbles may be hard to spot from the normal smokeys, but the split of 7,5and 4 is a close fit with such a small number of fry.


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Trying to understand Empty Re: Trying to understand

Post  bridgegirl99 Mon 26 May 2014, 08:21

Many thanks, I wonder what I was doing wrong then lol, got it now!! Silly me! Rolling Eyes 


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Trying to understand Empty Re: Trying to understand

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