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Post  Brian1 Tue 08 Apr 2014, 21:52

Not that I need it, is Ammo- Lock Credible, anyone who has an ipa test kit should know, it say's...... To instantly lock up Ammonia, it does not remove Ammonia, it converts it to a non- toxic form, the biological filter will then consume the none-toxic ammonia, converting it to nitrite then to nitrate, question... should I dash out and buy this in case of an Ammonia spike... and save my Angels......


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Ammo- lock Empty Re: Ammo- lock

Post  Pterophyllum Wed 09 Apr 2014, 21:02

No personal experience with ammo lock, but in general, the problem with these types of chemicals seems to be that they bind the ammonia so tightly that the bacteria can't use it, this has two effects...

1. Filter never matures, or takes a long time to do so, as the bacteria have nothing to feed on.
2. Even once the filter is mature, there's a constant background reading of ammonia, as test kits still register the ammonia bound to the treatment.

Despite these drawbacks, these kinds of treatments can be useful in an emergency.

Blessed are the cheesemakers!

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Ammo- lock Empty Re: Ammo- lock

Post  Brian1 Wed 09 Apr 2014, 22:00

Thanks Rob, makes sense that it effects the filter medium, so emergency only or a good WC.......


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