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Age or size??? Header4 Age or size??? Helios

Age or size???

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Age or size??? Empty Age or size???

Post  dawn_bettas Sun 06 Jan 2013, 01:15

i have searched but cant find the answer so i do apologise if this has already been spoken about....

What is the age or size do angels start to pair off???
i have had my angels for, coming up to 3 months now. They are all between 3" - 4" (top to bottom fin). From reading the article about how to sex angels, i think i have worked it out. i will be taking photos tomorrow (or today) and uploading them in a new topic with my workings.

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Age or size??? Empty Re: Age or size???

Post  Pterophyllum Sun 06 Jan 2013, 10:17

Typically between 6 - 12 months.
body size (i.e. excluding fins) 2 -3"

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