what type???

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what type??? Empty what type???

Post  baldyman on Sun 07 Feb 2016, 20:36

what type??? IMG_42291
what type??? IMG_42341
any idea how the first fish will turn out.
Both from the same brood 50/50 split
Parents are black lace
grandparents are solid black and a gold

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what type??? Empty Re: what type???

Post  Pterophyllum on Sun 07 Feb 2016, 22:01

Grandparents D/D x g/g will produce

100% D/g (generally these are known as black or "hybrid" black rather than black lace which would be D/+ (the + being a wildtype gene)). Hybrid blacks are darker than black lace.

D/g x D/g will produce :-

25% g/g golds, like their grandparent
25% D/D blacks, like their grandparent  
50% D/g "hybrid" blacks, like their parents

Other genes could have been lurking in the grandparents which could complicate the picture.

nice looking youngsters

Blessed are the cheesemakers!

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