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Post  Pterophyllum on Sat 02 Aug 2014, 13:14

As many of you are probably aware, I run my own shop, The Aquatic Habitat in Gloucestershire. In general, I think of angelfish as my hobby, and the shop as my business, and I don't like to muddle the two. But on this occasion I'm making an exception....

Personally I'm a big fan of the Juwel aquariums, my only quibble with them is that for marines or larger, messier fish I'd supplement the filter with an additional external filter. Unfortunately, some of the larger tanks come with a fairly hefty price tag.
Over the last few years Juwel have run regular bi-monthly offers, where we were able to sell the tank with a free base unit, but these offers were generally confined to the smaller aquariums.

This month it's different, Juwel have slashed the RRP of their larger tanks, plus, thy're now available with Free base units. For example the 450 litre, bow fronted, Vision 450 tank & base was £1359.50, until September 30th it's now just £999. In addition we give £100 fish & plant vouchers away with the tank!

Great Juwel Offers 10550937_747677711944551_4819587142560317735_n

If you're reasonably local to Gloucester we can deliver, up to 20 miles Free of Charge, over that we charge £1 per mile. Otherwise you should be able to get the same deal (except the fish & plant vouchers) from any Juwel retailer local to you.

These offers end on 30th September.

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