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Post  55xtrail55 on Mon 14 Jul 2014, 22:56

Hi there we are both from Norfolk, Shez and Si. Have been keeping tropicals for a number of years, mainly community tanks, we are now starting out some "specialist tanks" two 5x2x2 African Cichlid tanks, joined by a water bridge which will go over the top of our L46 tank [picking them up in 2 weeks time]

We also have a 4' tank which will be for our Angels and a 3.5' as well as some tanks for spawning and fry etc.

Have done plenty of reading around, although the information is so conflicting at times it is hard to know what to believe...


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Hi there from us  Empty Re: Hi there from us

Post  Pterophyllum on Mon 14 Jul 2014, 23:15

Welcome to the forum

Blessed are the cheesemakers!

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