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Describe angelfish behaviour

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Describe angelfish behaviour

Post  Deans_Angels on Fri 03 Jul 2015, 00:03

Some retailers describe angelfish as easy to keep community fish, others label them as boisterous, which I find a touch negative. I was just wondering if 'boisterous' is an accurate definition of angelfish behavior?

The first word that springs to my mind is 'Majestic' in their presentation and they approach life with gusto (a taste for life).

How would you describe angelfish presentation / behavior, as concisely as possible?


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Re: Describe angelfish behaviour

Post  Pterophyllum on Fri 03 Jul 2015, 00:11

"Community except with small fish"

Blessed are the cheesemakers!

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Re: Describe angelfish behaviour

Post  Akasha on Fri 03 Jul 2015, 10:27

Hmm ... well that depends to me on whether you have a breeding pair or not. I mean, we've all seen how aggressively they protect their spawns and so maybe the 'boisterous' description is there to warn the unwary of what can happen should you get a pairing.

If you have a group that get along fine and there's no pairings then 'Majestic' is a good description.

We also know too that not all angels behave the same. I originally had four angels until I got my pairing. One of the four (a female) was seriously laid back and was quite happy to be at the bottom of the pecking order and fell into that 'Majestic' description. The other female (my platinum pearlscale) was beyond the 'boisterous' description ... evil was a better description. Meanwhile my pair vary in behaviour. Most of the time 'Majestic' applies but when they decide to breed that goes out of the window and they start beating the c**p out of each other before finally laying eggs!

I do wish retailers would be a bit more honest with customers when selling all types of cichlids as there are some customers who really have no clue of what they are buying and then will be begging someone to take them away in a few months time when they can no longer cope with the aggressive breeding behaviour. The sad reality is a lot of new fish keepers don't do their research before taking on angelfish and don't realise that they are not aptly named!

I'd like to throw another description in. How about "Unpredictable" Laughing

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Re: Describe angelfish behaviour

Post  frapadoodle on Sun 19 Jul 2015, 10:28

Hmm...round here shops label Angels as semi-agressive. An apt label. I have four a present. A breeding pair that fit the boisterus category. As Akasha says,(hi Akasha), they chase and bicker before spawning, then shoo everyone away.
Another former pair, with eggs or fry she actively sought out others to attack, even leaping out of the tank to attack me during a waterchange. After a falling out, her former mate became abusive. She had to be rescued into a tank with Neons and Black Neons. Now she is the Majestic Lady of the tank. While he will not tolerate tankmates.
So all in all I think semi-agressive fits.


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Re: Describe angelfish behaviour

Post  Akasha on Sun 19 Jul 2015, 10:48

hey Mr Doodles, glad you found us Very Happy

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Re: Describe angelfish behaviour

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