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Newbie, please help identify my Angels

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Newbie, please help identify my Angels

Post  sandfire on Fri 03 Jan 2014, 22:48

Hi everyone.

I am pretty new to Angels but been a fish keeper for about 25 years, really got into my Angels recently in a big way. I have a few young fish, mostly blues as I have completely fallen for them.

Sorry picture quality not great in some photos, they thought they were being fed and would not stay still.

Can anyone tell me which blues they are?

This guy was gorgeous, until the idiot in the shop damaged him while netting. His eye is getting better on its own but his gill plate was also damaged. I hope he recovers fully, I have had him about a month. I know its not a great photo but any idea what colour he is?

These I picked up today... love at first site!! I saw them in the shop and just HAD to have them, they were labeled as 'Wild Angels' I adore them, so pretty, I was wondering if anyone could tell what sort they are? They have very distinguished dark bands and also their heads look slightly different to my 'captive breds' specially in the nose.

If anyone can help out a newbie, that be great! Once they are mature I would love to start a breeding program.


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Re: Newbie, please help identify my Angels

Post  Pterophyllum on Sat 04 Jan 2014, 00:47

Hi Welcome to the forum

1st photo is a ghost, hard to be sure from the photo, but it appears to be a blue ghost.
2nd photo hard to be sure but two blue ghosts and a blue silver or possibly zebra on the left.
3rd, as for 2, with a smokey blushing at the bottom.
4th, too dark to tell, but may be a leopard or leopard lace
The rest do have the look of wilds, but what region they are from is hard to determine. Wild fish are referred to as "silver angels"


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Re: Newbie, please help identify my Angels

Post  sandfire on Sat 04 Jan 2014, 21:35

Thank you, I am really pleased with my Angels, they are in a 300l planted aquarium and I am so hooked on them. I have a spare 180l tank which I might convert to a setup just for the wilds, they are def a pair and very happy with the others but they also been picking at a branch in the tank (hopefully cleaning it), it be fantastic if I could breed them.

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There are Peruvian Angels

Post  sandfire on Tue 07 Jan 2014, 14:42

Just spoke to the fish expert from the shop I got my wild Angels and they are Peruvian. Really knowledgeable guy said he was not sure where the exact site/tributary but defiantly Peruvian. He tells me more are coming in over the next month and they even have a big 'event' on the 15th and 16th February and will def have them in by then for the event. I am so going to try and get some more :)If anyone else is interested its Romsey World of Water down in Hampshire Smile

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Re: Newbie, please help identify my Angels

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