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Best food for young Angels ??

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Best food for young Angels ??

Post  Alzak on Tue 29 Jan 2013, 14:49


I bought some Angels yesterday but I am not sure what wil be best food for them ... ?? they are about 50p size or just little bit bigger .

For now I use tropica pro colour flakes ... and I bought some tropica granules but will get them no sooner than Friday perhaps ...

I have some dried bloodworms and stick on glass type tablets but not sure if I can feed them with that ?

Thanks for help


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Re: Best food for young Angels ??

Post  Pterophyllum on Tue 29 Jan 2013, 15:46

Angels aren't usually fussy feeders, a good quality flake is fine as the main diet, treat foods like frozen bloodworm, brineshrimp or freeze dried food like tubifex are good, but as a treat rather than the main diet. Mine seem to love hikari algae wafers that I put in for the bristlenose and New Era - Tropical Grazer.

Blessed are the cheesemakers!

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Re: Best food for young Angels ??

Post  TrevorGreenfield on Wed 30 Jan 2013, 10:39

Hi Alzak,

These are my angels and were eating granulated foods Tetra Prima and a similar food but slightly smaller, frozen brine shrimp and flake foods without any problem. As Rob suggests I only feed frozen foods as a treat possibly once a week. It's always best to feed a variety of foods because they can get hooked on one type of food and eat nothing else if you're not careful. I've found it to be especially true with angels and discus who can just refuse to eat at times. If you only feed live food (or frozen live food) occassionally it can often get them feeding again.

I never feed any of my fish Tubifex at all or Daphnia from a shop. Tubifex can introduce so many nasties that it's not worth the risk. Similarly with Daphnia but I do maintain my own supply of Daphnia in a large water but at home which I feed occasionally during the better weather when my Daphnia is reproducing well.

Hope the fish are doing well and good luck with them.


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Re: Best food for young Angels ??

Post  Alzak on Thu 31 Jan 2013, 13:07

Hi Trevor

Yes all of them doing well just one (smallest) keep swiming on the side no with group... I bought some Tetra granules they should be with my today ... I hop

I spend about an 2 hours yesterday on front of my fishtank just watching them ... great little fish


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Re: Best food for young Angels ??

Post  peachy on Sun 15 Mar 2015, 20:54

All my six eat anything but tetra prima they adore.
Bloodworm quickly gets eaten too but tubifex, only my blue will eat for some reason. The small koi's peck it and spit it out and the 2 adults show no intrest in it.


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Re: Best food for young Angels ??

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