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what equipment would i need for breeding.

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what equipment would i need for breeding.

Post  fletch on Sun 23 Dec 2012, 16:44

As a newcomer to this forum i have been fascinated with the vast ammount of knowlage to be had by just reading all the questions and answers,although i have kept aquarium fish some twenty years ago,at some point i decided to keep only pond fish but on recent retirement and looking for something to do on these dark winter nights i decided to once again keep some angels, but i have never concidered the breeding side of it before until i read your posts.
Although i have tried to understand your indepth explanation on genetics [head still spinning]i doubt i will ever fully understand,but would like to try to raise some fry when my young fish are ready, so what would be a basic but adaquet equipment setup for a first timer ie size of tank / filter type / light or no light / temp / water conditions etc.
My tank water at present is all hma filtered water about 175 t/h and a ph 7 would this water be suitable?
If anyone could assist i would be most greatful.
All the best to all members for christmas and keep up the good work.


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Re: what equipment would i need for breeding.

Post  Grummie2 on Tue 25 Dec 2012, 21:11

Hi Mike.
Breeding angels is a wonderful thing to do, I cant fault your desire to do this! Your water sounds fine, they'll pretty much breed in most types really as long as its cycled with low nitrates. I use HMA too, with sponge filters and a temp around 80f. Tank size should be min of 24" x12" x 15", but the most important thing is tank space to grow the fry on in...I would aim for at least 60 litres per 50 fry to make it to saleable size......more space = faster growth. A 25% water change daily for the fry is useful, cleaning the tank base of debris at the same time. Newly hatched baby brine shrimp is the best first food, I would practice hatching some so your not caught napping if your angels breed.


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Re: what equipment would i need for breeding.

Post  fletch on Wed 26 Dec 2012, 15:23

Thanks for the info will try to pick up a few bits hopefully in the sales, my fish are about 2.5 inch from nose to tail, i keep watching for signs of them pairing as i have no idea about sexing the fish,with my luck they will be all the same sex ! i have only got six angels in a 40 gal tank at the moment,thought that would be enough when they grow on,they are growing fast and eating every thing in sight and are looking in great shape with good colour, so keeping my fingers crossed.
regards mike.


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Re: what equipment would i need for breeding.

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