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Daves Fishroom

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Daves Fishroom

Post  baldyman on Sun 11 Nov 2012, 20:08

Just thought i would take Robs lead and post whats happening in the fish house
Cut back a bit on my angels of late. ( Got a bit fed up really , had that many fry just couldnt get rid of them) All i have now are three pairs and some breeding stock growing on.
They are a pair of black lace (Donated by Lisa as a raffle prize from the North wales club Auction) Thanks Lisa (and Fred who won them and passed them on to me)
A Pair of Blue smokey pearlscale and a smokey pearlscale and blue ghost pair. Im hoping to get some blue zebra from this pair as the male carries the zebra gene. I have a brood growing on now about 3 weeks old and i think i can pick out some Zebra.
The breeding stock comprises of about a dozen of each, platinums and blue smokey pearlscales. there are a couple of nice blue veils in there as well. they are all around 9 months old and will soon be ready for breeding
The other fish i am keeping are.
Discus. (had these for about 6 months grown on from 3in young) just starting to pair up (fingers crossed). Never done them before.
Got some nice Electric blue rams (home breed)
A few different corydoras types and fry (realy got into these of late , amasing charecters)
Killi fish , Couple of apistogramma pairs , Some hopplo cats and some albino bristlnose pairs (fry just going free swimming)
Will keep updating as things happen

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Re: Daves Fishroom

Post  Pterophyllum on Sun 11 Nov 2012, 23:00

Hi Dave,
Nice to hear about your fish house, which species of cories and apistos are you keeping?

Blessed are the cheesemakers!

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Re: Daves Fishroom

Post  baldyman on Mon 12 Nov 2012, 20:47

Hi Rob
I have a pair of Taeniacara candidi and a pair of Apistogramma atahualpa (sunset)
Also groups of corydoras CW008 "Gold line elegans, Longipinnis, Rabauti, Panda, Schultzei (Black), Arcuatus , Similis and Agassizi. and iv got some Gold Lazer coming this week.
Thanks Dave

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Re: Daves Fishroom

Post  Ghipsi on Mon 12 Nov 2012, 21:33

Nice one dave, I've got some lovely Adolfoi Corys that I'm growing on to breed Very Happy



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Good Mix

Post  TONY,S ANGELS on Fri 16 Nov 2012, 09:58

Hi Dave
Sorry not replyed sooner been realy busy with work and getting fish to the shops,
I see from your write up you have spread right across the fish keeping range.
are the apistos you mentioned the rare ones or just run of the mill so to speak
as i dont have a clue about apistos.
And the Angels i got of you, well just a few i have left have all grown very fast and
started to show signs of pairing off Very Happy .
Cheers Tony

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Re: Daves Fishroom

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