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About North Wales Aquarists Society

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About North Wales Aquarists Society

Post  jamesstuddart on Wed 15 Feb 2012, 01:00

About North Wales Aquarists Society
We were form in February 2011, as there was a distinct lack of community activity for people who keep any type of fish in and around North Wales. You would have to travel to Manchester or Bolton to participate in an Aquarists Society.
We are open to ANY person, not matter your Age, Gender or what fish types you keep. We are a friendly and open community, who are here to learn from each other and teach each other too.

And you dont need to be Welsh (I'm not) or live in wales!

There is no fee for joining us, and you will not feel pressured into attending our meetings.

We hold guest speaker evenings, where a member of the fish keeping community would come and give a talk on their area of expertise.
We also have open-mic sessions where anyone can come and talk about what their latest project is, or share what they know about a particular species.
We will also be holding raffles, where you could win anything from Fish to Filters, and there will also be auctions where you can get the best fish from our communities breeders at a fraction of the cost of your local fish shops.

We are currently looking for a new place to hold our meetings as our current venue is very expensive, lack amenities and is hard to find.

So become an online member or come and see us at our meetings. Meet with like minded people.

Open all ages and creeds. No matter if you keep Cold, Tropical, Brackish or Marine come and join us.

I hope to see you at our next meeting, and even over on our forum too Smile


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