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Newbie on the forum

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Newbie on the forum

Post  SandyT on Mon 07 May 2012, 21:42

Hi all,
Its my first time on the forum. Have read a lot of usefull information on your posts,still a lot more to read yet.My partner breeds discus and has an album angel that keeps the breeding pairs company while their resting.
I've fallen for some angel fish and am taking delivery at the end of the month,of some pearl scale,veil tail,albino angels x6. Which im hoping will get a breeding pair from. Firstly is there such thing as super veil tails? As I've trolled the Internet to find some with tails as long. And the only pic's I can find are all shorter tails/fins (not sure of correct term). And also are albino angel fish harder to breed as in discus fish?.


Sandy Smile


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Re: Newbie on the forum

Post  endlessendlers on Mon 07 May 2012, 22:16

Hello and welcome Sandy.

There is such a thing a super veiltail. A gold super veil would be g/g - +/+ - v/v, a gold veil g/g - +/+ - v/+ and a gold standard fin would be g/g - +/+. In simple terms a superveil has two doses of veiltail, a veil has one dose of veiltail and a standard lacks the veiltail gene. A word of caution about raising veiltails, your water needs to be in A1 condition to achieve good straight fins. My first batch of fry contained veils and as they matured I found quite a few has bent dorsals even though I considered my water changing regime was excellent.

Apparently albinos are not difficult to breed, but the fry are very small and fragile which makes them more difficult to feed. Even newly hatched bbs are too big for them to eat.

Good luck with your new angels. I'm sure they will be easy compared to discus as they are not quite as particular about their water conditions as discus. Pics would be nice when they settle in too. Very Happy

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Thank you

Post  SandyT on Mon 07 May 2012, 22:27

Thank you for your reply and welcome. Smile
I will post some pic's when I get them and they have settled in.



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Re: Newbie on the forum

Post  Pterophyllum on Mon 07 May 2012, 22:27

Hi Sandy,
welcome to the forum.

Yes, albinos are harder to breed, primarily because the young are harder to feed, which in turn is probably down to their poor eyesight.

Veiltail is an incomplete dominant gene, which means that a fish with one copy of the gene has longer fins than a fish without, but a fish with two copies of the gene will have longer fins still. Fish with two copies of the gene are called superveils, unfortunately, superveils tend to have difficulty swimming, and holding their fins erect, so you don't see them that often.
Personally, although I'm happy to breed veiltails, I try to avoid breeding two veils together as this will produce 25% superveils.

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Re: Newbie on the forum

Post  Ghipsi on Tue 08 May 2012, 00:26

Hi Sandy, wishing you a big warm welcome to the forum Very Happy



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Re: Newbie on the forum

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